Private money for everyone.

Bitgrin is a mimblewimble implementation with sound economics. It is private by design, even the developers don't know who is sending or receiving coins.


10x more lightweight than Bitcoin. Cut-through makes this possible, as the majority of spent transactions get removed from the blockchain,


Bitgrin is fungible because it is private by default. One XBG is always one XBG no matter who has owned it in the past.


Community-driven project where any developer, contributor or is welcome. 4% treasury to reward research and development.

What makes Bitgrin different?

Bitcoin Economics

Bitgrin has a maximum supply of 21,000,000 XBG with a block reward halvening occurring ever 4 years. Bitgrin adapts Bitcoin's deflationary economic model with the goal of becoming a store of value.
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No-ICO, no premine, modest treasury.

Bitgrin had a fair-launch, raising 0 VC money and no premining of coins pre-launch. The Bitgrin treasury is set a modest 4.76% of total supply to incentivize development and research for years to come.
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Coin Join

A method of combining multiple payments from multiple spenders into a single transaction to make it even more difficult for outside parties to determine who paid whom.


An innovative feature that greatly improves scalability and privacy by removing matching UTXOs from the blockchain.


A network anonymity solution based on randomization of the transaction broadcasting process.

Exchanges supporting Bitgrin

Places to buy bitgrin in exchange for other currencies.